Support Services

Meaningful Day Services

Meaningful Day is a term used to describe the entire menu of Maryland DDA’s employment and day services. The purpose of Meaningful Day services is to support participants of working age on their path to employment and participants of retirement age to take part in retirement activities.  Below are the various meaningful day services that can be accessed at the Scott Key Center.

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation services are habilitative services that are provided through group activities. Day Habilitation services can assist individuals to acquire, retain or improve their self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills, such as communication, and access to the community.

Community Access

Our Community Access services, provides individualized service supports for program participants to be involved in integrated community settings. Provided in a community setting with non-disabled individuals, such services are provided in order to create meaningful opportunities for community-based training activities while improving upon communication and social skills, quality of health, and employability.

Custodial Enclaves

Our custodial service provides employment for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) that allows          them to earn a living wage.  The Scott Key Center, Inc is contracted through Frederick County Government to provide janitorial services to over 20 Frederick County facilities.  This program allows people the ability to learn and grow additional independent employment skills.

Competitive Integrated Employment

Competitive Integrated Employment means working in the community alongside other employees without disabilities. It also means earning at least minimum wage and getting the same workplace benefits and opportunities as other employees doing the same job.  Our clients are supported by us through job coaching, drop in and follow along supports, and transportation to and from work.

Nursing Services

The Scott Key Center has one registered nurse on staff and one certified nursing assistant.  The registered nurse is our delegating nurse who oversees the administration of any required medications to be given.  Included in the nursing services are managing sick clients, assessing individuals and creating nursing care plans which may include choking and falling protocols.  Additionally, the nurse provides training and supports to the staff to ensure each client is cared for as safely as possible.

Transportation Services

The Scott Key Center provides door-door transportation services with a fleet of vehicles made up of minivans, 12-passenger vans, and 21-passenger buses.  Local taxis and transit services are used when appropriate.