About Us

Board of Directors

Kristen Howes- President

Ruth Vickers- Vice President

Linda Stone- Secretary/Treasurer

Kelley Turnbull

John Gray

William Haugh

Josephine Hoffman

Delores Shackelford

Janice Staley

Bryan Saal

Our History

Scott Key Center began operations in March 1966. SKC provided services for all ages, children and adults. The passage of Public Law 94-142 shifted responsibility for children with disabilities to the Board of Education and, as a result, the Scott Key Center became an adult developmental center in 1978.

Scott Key Center began with three clients and one instructor at the Staley Park Field House off of Motter Avenue. Several months later a move was made to the old emergency hospital behind the Montevue Home. Six years later, Scott Key Center moved to the B wing of Rock Creek School and in May 1981 moved to present location at 1050 Rocky Springs Road.

In December 1979 the Scott Key Center Board of Directors entered into an agreement with the Frederick County Commissioners to make the Center a county agency under the Health Department.

In 1982 the Scott Key Center obtained a license from the United States Department of Labor to operate a work activity center. For the first time, Scott Key Center was able to provide vocational and employment services for all clients and, most importantly, pay them wages based on their productivity. During this time a commercial greenhouse was erected to provide horticultural training and sheltered employment.

In 1986, Scott Key Center began a supported employment program with the help of the Maryland Supported Employment Project affiliated with Kennedy Institute. Scott Key Center was one of five organizations statewide to form a focus group that would give guidance and leadership to the Supported Employment Project’s Manual for agencies making the transition to more community-based employment model.

Currently Scott Key Center either employs or supports approximately 120 people. Working at various companies throughout Frederick County. Custodial services are provided under contract with the Frederick County Government. This program has grown to include over 20 county buildings and is a good source of employment for approximately 41 people.

Our Work

The people we serve are at the center of all our work. We bring families, friends, and professionals together on their behalf. Our work is to help a person progress toward maximum independence and community inclusion. Our goal is to support people in developing the functional autonomy required to be successful in their community of choice. Today we are an organization that supports approximately 120 individuals.